Saturday, July 28, 2007

i think my tagboard has some problem with it, right?
Anybody encounter problems with it?
i can't seem to post my replies. ):
soooo, i'll reply here!

Girl: Sorry for t super late reply,
But, I've no idea either!

Yanting: Heh, very cute right!
It's Sexay okay. :D

Isha: Th other day we talked at Mac!
Let's go out soon please!
we stay like 2 blocks away only somemore. -.-

Kris: Waves back! (:
Which Kris are you?
heh, Sorry!

Passerby: Look below please! (:

Xiaofen: hah! are you learning grooming too?
Then you must open your shop very soon you know!

Ian: Platypus looks like a Goondu!

Yanting/Sy: Updating now babe! :D

Chuanmei: Heh, now now now!

I'm listening t
Sean Kingston-Beautiful Girl now.
Hsienyang went totally GAGA over this song yesterday. 0.o"

Movies Movies!
Okay! I went out with Rafe yesterday,
&we watched
The Simpsons @The Cathay!
and it's damn funny! :x

I went t watch
Harry Potter & th order of the phoenix, Alone!
heh, I just couldn't wait for my friends lah.

& I also watched
Black Sheep,
it's super like shit, so please don't watch!
Gross, bloody Baa Baaa eating humans.
So Not-Cute!

Anw, Went Running with YQ on Wednesday night.
&you must know!
For me t tell someone i wanna go running,
without dragging me with a truck,
is like a total miracle.

I ran like, 2 rounds?
& yq ran arnd 4-5rounds.
Sickening cheena piang!
And we realize we've the same converse canvas shoe!

I thought this pair of sneakers will have
no chance of seeing daylight again,
till i went t JMD! :x

&after running YQ came to my place t
accompany me & bake cookies.
and she made her chocolate.

Flour Flour Floooour!


Ready t be Baked!

So while baking, WE CAM-WHORE!
But yes i know we look horrible,
&super makeup-less.
Cos after running we were feeling damn sleepy!
it's like 12plus in the night and we're still baking.
Shaggy shaggy bakers.

& our pretty cookies!
So pretty right, it's raspberry jam in the middle layer.

i realize nelson &my specs are really similar.

&two weeks ago after jmd,
we went for dinner as usual.
Gerry, Sokhiang, Trixy, Cindy, Emily,
Shuherng, Steve, Danny &me.
We were slacking &bitching arnd in mos burger.

They are damn funny can!
The messy hair trio.

Danny suddenly whipped out his buff stick,
and start buffing his own nails!
I didn't know guys can be so vaaaain.
it's so cute can.

& he buffed my nails too. :D
It's Superduper shiny can.

He'll be killing me cos i blogged about this! :x

&This is Paddy, Puppy-Cut.
a Shiz Tzu i groomed last week.
He just refuse t turn t th camera lor.
Naughty Paddy!

Sherica, a friend from the grooming sch,
cooked dinner for us th other day,
then after we finish eating,
we went t th main shop cos she said
she wanna look at the cats.

&omg, they're selling these, mouse!
they're cute lah, but the long long tail freaks me out!
& you know what sherica did?

& i freaked out and ran out of the shop, screaming.
and she chase me arnd with the mouse somemore can!
horrible girl! HAHAHAHAS!

Tania sat there hugging porche
and laughing somemore hor!

Cute but..
eeeeeeeky weekie freaky!

Th other day i went to RP,
t visit someone who was performing there.
&i'm so lost and shy loh!
and i bumped into Pauline at the canteen.

Okay, here goes.
These are the prdts i use daily, or at least weekly.

Cleanser: Nivea Visage Whitening Foam,
Fancl powder wash

Toner: Beauty D.I.Y whitening toner,
Ettusais Medicated acne aqua shooter

Serum: Beauty D.I.Y Whitening Hyaluronic Acid Serum

St Ives eye gel, Mavala Eyelite, Burt's bee lipbalm,
ZA express repair essence, Kose Lotion (used as mask)
Kose mask white, Queen Helene mint julep masque.

For this few days,
Mr postman have been making me very happy!
My spree loots that arrived over the past few days,

- La Senza convertible Bra :x
- Adhesive bra :x
- Waisted belt
- Bourjois Mobile Lipgloss
- 2 American Eagles Aerie cord shortie
- Zipia lively culottes shorts
- Zipia brown leather cuff

it's so tiny &cute!
it's like, arnd the length of your entire thumb.

Aerie Cord shorties.

I bought th dark gray one. :D
I love zipia's stuff,
they are So, so so so nice &stylish.

should i? should i not?

i'm awaiting my Levis skinny jeans,
Benefit 24K gold lippie.

My super cute, smiling meeko! :D
she was gonna smell my phone.
*sniff sniff*

Alright! I'm going back to re-reading
Harry Potter & th Deathy Hallows
for th 2nd time!

My friends says i'm sick,
cos i finished the book in merely a day.
and they ask me do i actually eat on that day?
& i told them,

I lay in bed all day, Read, Eat Cherries,
Read, Eat Apples, Read, Chew on Starburst Gummies,
Eat Dinner while reading
and YES! I DO EAT, Junkfood! :D

till then, byebye! ♥

Thursday, July 12, 2007

i think my tagboard has some problem with it, right?
Anybody encounter problems with it?
i can't seem to post my replies. ):
soooo, i'll reply here!

SY: Thanks babe! :D

Sokling: My gawd, how're you gonna t go Bartley?
Cab again? I totally don't know
how t go there except cabbing!

Huiting: Thanks! Doesn't matter
if it's belated or not babe! (:
Anw, which Huiting are you?

Lol: It's alright girl! :D
i'm fine. heh.

Jmd! Anw, many friends have been asking,
huh? what's JMD?

it's actually JMD (Japanese, Music, Drama)
It's a CCA in NYP. Heh.

I was damn sleepy on saturday can!
Super, Whooper sleepy!
I just laid face-down on my bag&jacket,
And i fell alseep! Super unglam! HAH!
Then we went t town for dinner
&then headed home!

You know th Earth Day thing on saturday right.
They actually went t
buy Green basic tees from Giodano.
Madness! Heh, but it's fuuuuun!

I Finally, FINALLY got t meet up
my bunch from friends i got t know from
Stranger's No More (Combined Church Youth Camp!)
camp, back two years ago!

As usual, Ian was full of his craps &rubbish!
& Heidi turned up! (For awhile only lor! WHY!)

He was trying t imitate my Lizard smile! Heh.

We just sat at Starbucks &chat.
Then suddenly Ian whipped out this..
silly-looking platypus that he bought from australia.
He said that platypus helps him destress! :x
(i've no idea why th player does not appear,
thus th link!)

Pardon my Super Horrid laughters!
Ian lah, Blame Ian!
I think everyone in Starbucks
was staring at our table.

The day started greeeeat!
Mr Postman delivered my Zipia loots
5mins after i wokeup!
&i love th White Skinnies i bought!
But it's abit loose. Tsk.

Then i went t school &groomed a Supercute ShizTzu.
(Typo: i typed ShitTzu just now! HAH!)

Tuesday started even better!
Mr Postman delivered my Mask&Sweet spree loots!

Th Masks are good! :D

Then i met up with Florella Ang!
&when i talked about Florella t Hsienyang.
Th 1st thing he'll think of is
th FuckingFriends thing. :x

Florella&Fidelis = FuckingFriends!
This is like, soooo long ago.
&all he remember is that!

Ohyeah! she came over t my house,
&we went t Chinatown for some yummy dimsum @Yumcha!
(I'm feeling hungry now!)

she's like damn funny/weird lah!
She wanted t meet me at where you know?
Little India Mrt! 0.0
When our house are like, 5mins walk apart?
&of all places, LITTLE INDIA?

HsienYang told me: Happy Smelling Indians, ptg.
Evil okay! I'm not th one being racist here!

Chicken Rice Eating Competition lor! WTH!

We were like Hungry Ghosts by then.

Florella said i look like a tourist in there! :x

This thing looked eeky!

&i received something BIG TODAY!

You are a Total Romantic

For you, love is like a fairy tale.
Or magic. Or a Meg Ryan movie.
Problem is,
you sort of want all three.

You bring the spark in the relationship
In turn, you expect your guy to keep the fire burning
Not a bad deal, as long as you find the right Prince.

It's been lonely lonely, missing missing.

till then, byebye! ♥

Sunday, July 08, 2007

i think my tagboard has some problem with it, right?
Anybody encounter problems with it?
i can't seem to post my replies. ):
soooo, i'll reply here!

Sokling: Linked babe! :D

Qing: Thankyou pong! heh.

Sokling: heh, now you know! :x

Trix: It's okay! thanks babe!

Passerby: Yishun central area. (:

Varron: I didn't know!
You didn't update me! heh.

Loo: Thankyou!

Passer-by: Yes, private candidate. heh.

Gwen: YAY! i'm missing y'all so much.
Finally! after 83759274 years.
Another Crabbie outing!

Yanting: thankyou! :)

Elaine: What happened? Bf thingy?
Don't say until you're so old can!
people see alrdy think you some auntie lor! :x

Hi: Hello, do you go around asking
if other people's boobs are real or not?
&does anyone actually give you an answer? (:

Chuanmei: Hah! Never!

Joelle: Thanks babe! (:

Tday i received this in my mail...

It's from this cute little girl who used
to be in the same church as me!
&she snail-mailed me a Birthday Card!
How sweeeet! :D

It defintely brought a smile to my tired face.
i've been sleeping like,
for less than 4hours daily th past few days.
too much in my mind.

But i'm gonna takecare of myself from now!
my face very important okay,
ltr not enough sleep then my face become
rough & got dark eyerings how?!

I wokeup late for jmd. :x
by the time i reached NYP,
They were learning how to wear a Yukata,
How t tie th obi belt.


From Wikipedia,

Yukata is a Japanese summer garment.
People wearing yukata are a common sight
at fireworks displays, bon-odori festivals,
and other summer events.
The yukata is a casual form of kimono
that is also frequently worn
after bathing at traditional Japanese inns.

Erica, Fook yu &Kelly
helped me wear th yutaka &tie my Obi belt!
Pretty pretty! I like it. heh.
It's so fun lah!

although at 1st, after danny pulled
and tighten th Obi Belt i could hardly breath.
But it's SO FUN!
&Erica's got such a small waist! Envy envy! :D

Danny &Fidelis in Yukata! :D

JMD batch O7!
Although i'm not really one of them,
but i'm in th photo too! heh.

Tday Danny almost murdered me!
He made us run 3 rounds arnd th track! :x
okay, it's nothing for most of you.

But for me, i can do anything, BUT NOT RUNNING!
i've not been doing my 2.4km run
in school for th past 2years can!
You can imagine how slow i was running lah!
i've got jellylegs by the 2nd round already.

Then we did like dunno how many crutches!
My abs was like aching till. Aaaaahhhhhh!

tday we learnt abit of Japanese Traditional Dance,
and Side ripple-ing!
&Some uncle, as usual went on ranting &ranting..

"FIDEL I HATE YOU! I'm Jealous of YOU!"

Uncle Danny! Jealousy Kills! :D

I'm Acting stupid in Uncle Danny's Stussy bucket.

Thursday, July 05, 2007


Tday was like, my Chinese O'Levels Oral!
as predicted, i was damn nervous.
although i stutter-ed abit,
but i crapped alot t th super cheena piang teacher!
So it should be fine! :D

Bartley Secondary,
th taxi driver lost his way there loh.
and i reached only around 2.05pm
when th paper starts at 2.15pm?
when i was in th cab, i was damn stressed &nervous alrdy.

" shit, fuck! what if i'm late! "

and it's kinda paiseh when
you just stepped into the school,
everybody will be like staring at you,
like you're some alien lor.
Super Shy!

&i met sokling there!
almost can't recognize her alrdy man,
having her there made me feel so much better lah.
when is th last time since i saw her?

&Yes, i would like t thank these lovelies,
who called/msg/msn me,
Wishing me a Happy Birthday!

They Called &Sang me my Birthday Song!
(HAHAHAHAAHS! Yeah, So Cute!)

  • Jon
  • Danny
  • Desmond
  • Shawn

They Called &Wished me Happy birthday!

  • Brandon
  • Serene
  • ChuanMei

They Msg-ed& Wished me Happy Birthday!

  • Hsienyang
  • Jianxiong
  • Randall
  • Ivan
  • Jiawen
  • Felicia
  • Leon
  • Nana
  • Ian

They Msn-ed& Wished me Happy Birthday!

  • Florella
  • YuanQing
  • Jeline
  • Christabel
  • Erica
  • Bryan
  • Nelson
  • Vicson
  • Yi Wei
  • Pamela
  • Andy (Leon's Friend)
  • Wan Yi
  • Sheryl
  • Kristine
  • Veron
  • Trixy
  • Jun Yat
  • kwan Leng
  • Yanrong
  • Khai
  • Joreen
  • Tze Ming

I've got 31wishes,
I'm super Blessed! (:

YuanQing was reaaaaally sweet!
She wrote a whole post t wish me Happy Birthday!
&yeah she's so nice she put
my goofy-iest lizard face picture!
i Dunno what's with tday's picture,
So Click for a Larger View.

This was on Saturday,
Leon gave me a surprise by
waiting for me below my block.
With my Birthday Cake in his carboot!

I was so happy &loved.

Omg, Tday Danny &th JMD dance mates
gave me a surprise tday!
it's is really, a surprise for me lah!

After my Oral Exams,
i went t meet up with Danny @YCK.
&we went t Novena Square cos he wanted t buy sth.

Then we both bought th Fila toilet Towel
cos it was on saaaale.
it's damn light &thick!
every saturday you'll see me
lugging my super heavy bag t JMD.
Must be my big &thick thick towel
that made it so heavy!

Then he bought like 2 Stussy caps
(He's a Super Stussy fan! :x)
i bought a Volcom Cap!
He's a Girly guy lah.
Shop Shop Shop in Flash &Splash super long okay!

Then we had PepperLunch!
Yum Yum Yummmmmy!

Then we went back t NYP,
Because Dannny told me he had t do some adjustment
t the dance performance next wednesday.
then we went t this lecture hall that they were in,
then we were talking talking
&th light got dim out of th sudden lah!

Then xiang min popped out with a birthday cake!
then i was like, huh? who's cake?
i was super shocked can!

Then Everyone sang Bday song and stuff.
Uncle Danny/Xiangmin/Shu Herng

bought me a puma bag as my
birthday present. :D

Click for a Larger View.

I was Making my Birthday Wish!
Heh, I'm starting t like my nose eh. :x

Danny, Xiang Min, Shu Herng, Erica,
Fook Yu, Bryan, Lue Song, Sok Hiang,
Ban Theng,Theng Huat!

seriously, this is th 1st time i got this kinda surprise!
&i'm so loving it! heh.
cos inititally i thought nobody was gonna
celebrate my birthday for me! (:

Yo Xiong Di(Brothers), it's ya Birthday.
Quan Ya Zhou(Whole Asia), it's ya Birthday!

Some Wang Leehom's song,
Suddenly came into my mind.
This is so Ex-boyf's kinda thing can.
Okay, Super Random. I know! :x

We're th twit-ies. -.-


I was so tired. Sleepy me!

Sheez, GAYS!

There they go again! Eeeeeeew!

We were trying hard t look emo-ish.

We were trying t act even more emo-ish,
by squatting &drawing circles on th floor. :x


&This is my Volcom Cap, I bought tday!
i think i bought it just because
that dinosaur looked pretty cute.

&Dino's saying Volcom!

i've got facial @1230pm tmr,
&it's alrdy 4.30am now!
muuuuuuacks, i love you guys!

till then, byebye! ♥